25 July 2015

Beware Belligerent Daisies

The blue heat of Kephalonia seems a world away now. Manchester, and Britain, continue to uphold their watery grey reputation.

While on holiday I read Gerald Durrell's 'My Family and Other Animals'. I thought I could relate better to the carefree life he lived on Cyprus if I read his stories in a similar environment.

One of the characters he met was Mrs Kralefsky, the bedridden elderly mother of his tutor. She gave him intriguing advice on the nature of different flowers species. I wonder if you agree with her ...

16 July 2015

For The Muse

This last week I abandoned Garden65 to its watery realm and flew to the Greek island of Kephalonia, land of immense heat and freddo cappuccinos.

7 July 2015

A Wet Weekend

The theme of this year's summer seems to be 'Water'.

For some reason unbeknown to my Reason I've chosen to respond to this theme by getting even more involved with water by fussing over one of the ponds in Garden65.