Manchester and Didsbury

Here are posts that mention Manchester and my suburb within it, Didsbury.

  1.  A Surprisingly Exuberant Information Board - poetic words in Fog Lane 
  2. Some People Are So Nice - wildflowers planted in Fog Lane Park by local people
  3. My Second Tatton Flower Show - another visit to the Eating and Buying Show
  4. Who Is A Public Park For?  - private interests in public parks
  5. Fruit Grows in Garden65 - buying apple tree from local garden centre
  6. Celebrating Apple Day In The City - the apple as a symbol of diversity
  7. It's A Gypsy Life For Me - a shed is converted into a Gypsy caravan
  8. Lots of Compost Bins - ... in Bradley Folds Allotments
  9. My First RHS Flower Show - Tatton Flower Show: commercial, unimaginative, amazing flowers
  10. 5 Reasons to Visit A Park - my reasons for visiting a park differ from those in a government survey
  11. Daisies Smile Defiantly At Tescos - surprisingly joyous planting near Didsbury Tescos
  12. A Moth Workshop - seven silver-haired ladies attend a Manchester Museum workshop
  13. What Would Grayson See? - comparing Chorlton Open Gardens to Didsbury Open Gardens
  14. Pauper's Wood - a privately owned wood run as a forest school
  15. Like Bees Round An Echinops - controversial thoughts on Didsbury Open Gardens Day
  16. Knitting In The Park - celebrating World Wide Knit in Public Week
  17. The 'Angst' of Urban Parks - how near are my local greenspaces?
  18. What is 'Wildlife'? - a walk in Chorlton Meadows raises thoughts on the word 'wildlife'
  19. The Reality of Urban Wildlife - the reality is mallard ducks and slugs, not otters and grass snakes 
  20. The Siren Call of Cake - do I dare eat cake in Styal Country Park?
  21. Noise Maps - it's quiet in the suburbs, but the motorway is loud