Short Stories

Surprisingly Garden 65 has inspired attempts at story writing.

I am not a writer. I can only apologise for the ‘passive voice’ and the too liberal use of adjective and adverb – I do like a bit of description. I’ve just whipped these stories up in an afternoon. I know they need a damn good editing, but hey! they are only meant to be fun. Hilary Mantel need have no worries.

In Which Witchy Has A Thrill - inspired by a desire to see the sea
In Which Witchy Gets Caught in the Uplands - inspired by disappearing peat bogs
In Which Witchy Escapes Christmas Fug - inspired by wide open Suffolk fields
In Which Witchy Writes A Letter - inspired by a summer thunderstorm

And more seriously:

Merula - inspired by an incident I witnessed in the garden

They are collectively available to view on my Scribd page