The garden behind No. 65 is like any other in a suburb.

It features a pond, some shrubs, a central lawn, and a buried pet. More or less square, it is big enough to host a small bouncy castle.

Nominally a family garden, it did once contain a swing, but today the children are like fledglings. Their eyes are set on the world in front of No. 65. They think themselves too cool to be seen near green.

Now I alone have dominion. In the summer the husband ventures out to set fire to something, but for most of the year the garden remains undisturbed. There is just me, coffee in hand, watching.

Garden 65 focuses on the natural world within the urban landscape. This blog takes an inquisitive and humorous look at the inhabitants of the garden, but also explores the difficult relationship between nature and the manmade environment – both concrete and political.

By weaving stories of this unremarkable garden with topical issues my aim is to amuse and inform, but ultimately to simply celebrate the fragile beauty of the plants and animals before us.