20 December 2015

No Filter Caterpillar

This week's post is going to be a simple, straight-down-the-barrel, amateur naturalist one. There will be no underlying themes, or thoughtful conclusions. Just a quick glance at a bit of seasonal nature, then that's 2015's blog done and dusted, and we can relax back to watching Christmas TV and eating mince pies.

This is a caterpillar. A very luminous caterpillar. No filters were applied.

13 December 2015

Flood Defences

It's been a wet winter.

Due to climate warming? Maybe. Some say so.

Due to human-caused climate change? Maybe. Maybe not.

Has it rained before in winter? Yep
Have the rivers flooded before? Yes
Have they flooded to such extremes before? Yes.

6 December 2015

Eco Illiteracy

The term ‘ecoliteracy’ is threaded through the nature conservation discussion. Many grant applications site the improvement of eco literacy as justification for their projects. Wildlife charities say the environment is being depleted because the public are not ecoliterate.

Too true I say. Look at this destructive example of hedge management I came across this Sunday walk. Looking at the savaged stumps do you think any care was taken? Forethought? Horticultural training? Awareness of consequences?