Longer Posts

Most posts in Garden 65 are short and hopefully sweet, but these posts took a whole afternoon to write and involved some intense Googling.  They explore issues and ideas I wanted to find out about, but probably don't represent my definitive position.  There is much still to be learnt.

  1. Which Nature? - what does the word Nature mean?
  2. Major Threat to Ash Trees in the UK - what are the authorities going to do?
  3. Micro Organisms In The Compost - the bacteria that do the composting
  4. Why Newspaper Is Added To Compost - useful advice
  5. 5 Reasons to Visit A Park - my reasons for visiting a park differ from those in a government survey
  6. Daisies Smile Defiantly At Tescos - surprisingly joyous planting near a Tescos
  7. The Poignancy of Restricted Roots - MRI scans of roots in pots
  8. All About The Lily Beetle - PowerPoint presentation about the Lily Beetle
  9. The 'Angst' of Urban Parks - how accessible are my local 'greenspaces'?
  10. Birds Sing a Different Song In The City - city birds sing faster and higher than country birds
  11. The Reality of Urban Wildlife- its ducks and slugs, not otters and grass snakes
  12. Hoverfly Buried Under Taxa - tiny creature, many labels
  13. The Siren Call of Cake - do I dare eat cake in Styal Country Park?
  14. Peat Compost - The Wrong Answer - good for your own plants, bad for your children's world
  15. Soundscape - What Are We Missing? - nature affected by manmade noise
  16. Cat Predation of Birds - how many birds do cats kill?