20 February 2012

Turning Over Old Leaves

This was the first day of gardening in 2012. The unseasonable, and slightly worrying, warmth brought me out of hibernation.  So I pruned, and chopped and cleared while hoping my actions weren't killing off any still hibernating insect.  Luckily for those left behind any further disruption was brought to a halt when the green bin became full.  The volume of a recycling bin measured out my first visit to the garden.

Green Bin from Janet Walsh on Vimeo.

To be honest it is so early in the year that Nature is still asleep. I uncovered a worm, and saw a couple of blue tits, but the usual robin didn't appear and the skies were quiet.  My only companion was a bold fly:

Fly image from Sas & Marty Taylor on Flickr