26 September 2012

After The Deluge

cold wet bee after rain

After two days of constant rain I ventured out into the garden with the intention of taking arty shots of raindrops. Instead I witnessed a tragedy no doubt being repeated throughout the country.

cold wet bee
This poor bee, with his matted teddy bear fur and school boy fringe plastered to his forehead, was sat violently shivering in the weak morning light.

A garden spider had got to work weaving today's web. She was too busy to give him any attention (just as well perhaps).

I kept snapping away, trying to get him in focus (and failing), looking for good angles, and then compassion whispered in my ear. I felt like a war reporter taking photographs of someone struggling for life. There is a dilemma between witnessing the event so others can see the truth, and putting down the camera to help.

Admittedly this tiny moment was not as important as some atrocity of the human world. It was only a cold bee. But some part of me felt bad.

In the end I did try to encourage him onto a saucer of sugar water, but in doing so knocked him off his perch into the shrubs below and lost him. Now I feel even worse!

Arty shots:

See the reflection in the rain drop

(I get confused - are bees female, male or neither?)