16 October 2012

Natural Dyeing With Fog Lane Leaves

Raided Fog Lane Park for materials for another natural dyeing session.

Dumped on the draining board ready for action.
This has to be done when hubby is out - he doesn't like the insects that run out from the pile of leaves.

My method - wet pre-prepared cloth (that and the insects explains sink location). 
Throw on collection of leaves, then wrap tightly round a stick.

Natural dyeing. Bundles being steamed.

Make sure fabric and leaves are tightly bound.
Steam for 30 mins or so. 
High heat is important, so they are steamed rather than boiled.
Dried - could take days


Sweet Chestnut Leaf

Brown Colour From Previous Dyeing With Rust
Previous Helenium Cloth Now Dyed With Blackberries

The purple colours (anthocyanins?!) will fade pretty quickly, but the browns and blacks (tannins) will last longer.

I think they are beautiful in their ugliness.