8 February 2013

Indie Allotments

It comes to us all in the end. Gardening I mean. Even cutting edge trendy people succumb.

Tracey Thorn, who used to be in 'Everything But The Girl' in the 80s (remember them?) now does a bit of garden blogging.

However, she doesn't adopt the apologetic tone of Garden65. Instead she sees growing things as creatively subversive:

"What I realised was that there is a DIY quality to allotments, which reminds me of the atmosphere of the indie record scene that I grew up with. It’s a bit rough round the edges, a bit alternative, but at the same time extremely industrious."

I must remember that when my children next look at me and my trowel with a patronising sympathy.

But it seems even the children of indie musicians have their doubts on the acceptability of garden love. Tracey took her children to a garden open day:

"The kids were patient enough, bless them, as they tried to fathom the reasons why I would want to look at someone else’s beans when I have my own growing at home, but finally my nine year-old came up with an analogy that was the only way he could make any sense of it – “This is like Lego for you, isn’t it Mum?”

Tracey Thorn