1 March 2013

Allotment90: Raised Beds

raised beds in allotment

Like the lady she is Garden65 quietly faded away without making a fuss (although I'm sure she'll put in an appearance from time to time).

Allotment90 now rushes into the void.

Sally (can you spot her in the pic?) and I have begun to make raised beds. Which may not be a surprise to Sally but certainly is to me: I've constructed something wooden with a power tool! Who'd have thought it possible? We even used a spirit level and a mallet. It took us about 2 hours to make the first one, but then on the second day we whipped them up like professional wood working women.

We are now planning on getting kitted out with tool belts and swaggering through the allotment grounds offering to make raised beds for those poor souls with an unadorned patch of dirt. Actually, one of the old timers of the allotment, a man I like to call Ronald Pickup, said it's usually men who make 'constructions' on their plots. He asked us why we were making beds, and I think we struggled to give him a simple answer. It is something to do with being in control I imagine, and it makes the whole idea of planting more manageable. Can't you see our beds in your mind's eye brimming over with salad leaves and fresh food? Whereas that patch at the back looks a bit daunting.

Sally is off on a Moroccan adventure next week. Meanwhile I'll carry on grubbing about in the cold dirt of Manchester.