14 May 2013

Bunting And The Mid-life Crisis

Have I lost my senses? My son certainly thinks I have. He puts it down to the mid-life crisis. Mind you, it would be a sad reflection of my little life if putting bunting up in the garden is the only expression of my mid-life crisis. Aren't you supposed to get a sports car, or tattoo, or lover? Personally a new car or lover are both financially and physically unlikely, although I am mulling over a tattoo, but I hope my middle age hormones will motivate a course of action more extreme than hanging up some bunting.

My defence, if needed, is that this small dark corner of the garden needs livening up. An option is to paint the brick wall of the extension, as seen below, but I think the reality of that wouldn't look as smart as it is in my imagination, and anyway, who needs the extra work of repainting it every year or so?

Bunting on the other hand, if not 'cool', is eco-friendly, relatively fuss free, and fun.

The pinky / orange colours were deliberately chosen to blend in with the brick, with the blue as contrast, and you've got to have stripes and spots.  I think it works ...

I am also hoping that it works on a Feng Shui level to encourage a long hot summer.

This is the Youtube tutorial I used to learn how to make the bunting. The woman is posh, probably knows Pippa Middleton, so you have to stifle your giggles, but the instructions are clear and easy to follow.