4 June 2013

Hopes Dashed

Good grief, the sun is out.

And ladybirds are trundling about.

I had high hopes this white-faced specimen was a native. She was small with relatively simple markings and seemed to be bumbling around the edge of the parsley pot like a humble peasant.

 I guessed she may be a native 10 spot.

But alas, no.

Offered up to I Spot 'Grizzledbadger' identified her as a non-native Harlequin. Which immediately turns her into a gaudy trollop.

Grizzledbadger backs up his arguement with this observation:

Stylised M on pronotum,a H.axyridis f. succinea variant where the spots only occur on the front/ pronotum end of the elytra.
 Mr Badger thus gives us an opportunity to learn some new interesting words: