5 August 2013

A Bit Too Much

However much I love Garden65, and we know I do, this time of year it does begin to feel a little oppressive.

It's all that green fecundity ... the moist air ... the general loucheness. Earlier in the year the thrusting is done in a cheery, optimistic way. There is youth and possibilities, but now there is an air of dissoluteness - an overindulgence of chlorophyll and sappiness. Long leaves are flopping over with the effort of it all, and edges are fraying.  We are far from the elegant noble decay of autumn.

The micro world under the bamboo, with its jungle floor, primitive pottery (the kids made way too much when they were young), and artfully placed mirror reminds me of a 1950s war film set in Java with William Holden in some short shorts and Deborah Kerr in a wimple- don't know why - not sure that film even exists - but it does.

your intrepid reporter
your intrepid reporter

Here is further clarification of the particular short shorts I was alluding to. This is David Farrar in Black Narcissus:

However, William was no slouch in that department either (Love Is A Many Splendored Thing):

Strangely I'm enjoying this blog post more than I had expected

Stop it! this is a serious gardening blog (as if!)