26 January 2014

On Not Going Out In The Rain

I was going to venture into the sodden Garden65 and report on that soddenness, but it's raining and I have my slippers on, so I'll stay here indoors and just poke the camera of the ipad at the window so that you have some evidence of the green sponge that is the garden.

By chance I came across this poem today. I think it acts as both an interesting thought piece and an admonishment to me and my increasing reliance on 'less difficult media'.

            To Posterity

When books have all seized up like the books in graveyards
And reading and even speaking have been replaced
By other, less difficult, media, we wonder if you
Will find in flowers and fruit the same colour and taste
They held for us for whom they were framed in words,
And will your grass be green, your sky be blue,
Or will your birds be always wingless birds?

Louis MacNeice, Visitations (Faber and Faber 1957).