30 December 2012

I Forgot To Explore

Oh, poor neglected blog. My excuses range from cold, junk-stuffed room, to Christmas plate-spinning. As the silent days multiplied the motivating reason for this electronic articulation of garden love faded into a whisper. The rustle of chocolate wrappers and jingle of 24/7 (or so it seemed) Christmas DVDs were louder than the sob of the great outdoors. Which, let’s face it, is currently grey, wet and a bit chilly. And thus, lit by the glow of tree lights, and embedded in a comfy sofa, I relegated Garden65 to the status of a New Year’s resolution, i.e. to be done in January.

But that was then. Today after some Sunday leisurely labyrinthine web-surfing I came across these words written by an illustrator/guerilla artist, Keri Smith, that remind me of why I began and continued to engage with my dear blog.

I forgot that the world, here symbolised by the microcosm of a Mancunian back garden, is worthy of exploration.

Happy New Year to you. May the stories you find in 2013 be intriguing.