2 December 2012

Tumblr Dreams

It seems to me that this is the time of year, of frost and thick socks, that Tumblr comes into its own.

For the uninitiated this is a blogging platform that encourages its users to make collections of images. Pinterest is also a way to do this, but the majority of its pinners are young American women more interested in nail varnish and losing weight. Tumblr users are more stylish (I dabble with both).

I have to confess to spending evenings on the Ipad flicking through pictures of snow covered log cabins, roaring fires and the cold cold outdoors. My family think I'm checking my emails, but I'm not - I'm trekking through thigh deep snow to a cabin in the woods kept warm by an open fire, where I'll settle down on a blanket covered chair to read Dr Zhivago with a mug of coffee with a nip of brandy in it. Who else is in that cozy cabin is my business ... ;-)

A quick selection: