18 April 2013

Major Push On The Allotment90 Front

Allotments throughout the country must have seen a sudden flurry of fevered activity this week. As soon as the weather got warmer we allotmenteers rushed out with our trays of chitted potatoes and pots of wispy leaves.

Allotment90 is now hosting real growing vegetables.  Sally has done sterling work in her greenhouse growing on garlic, onions, shallots and potatoes, which we have now put in the long bed.

I think they look very comfortable in there.

And with the help of our friend Sue and her jazzy jeans we planted peas.

The strawberries have also gone in, and there are broad beans impatiently waiting to escape their packets.

It's amazing that after so many weeks of barren coldness the allotment now looks alive after only a few days of warmth.

Here is the view over all the other allotments. Still bare apart from some daffodils, but spring is definitely round the corner.