24 April 2013

Pond Makeover

Did a job in the garden today that has been nagging at me for ... oh ... years.

When I made the little pond many moons ago I didn't manage to get the levels of the walls equal, so there is always 2 or 3 inches of pond liner visible.  The problem has got worse because the side of the pond that was designed to be lower anyway (to allow easy access for arthiritic frogs) has been degraded by the roots of this iris plant.

Problem area on left side

and right side squidged bit

So with the washing up gloves on I dived in.

Taking up the stone edge was surprisingly easy because it was a slate-like rock from Cornwall that  sheered into many thin layers that came away easily.

Small slabs of concrete protected by newspaper were put under the lining to raise the level, and then the remains of the Cornish slate were put back.

Then, after whispering a prayer to the pond spirit, I filled it with water.

And, blow me down, it's worked.

Can you spot the frog?

Doesn't it look sumptuous?

And over 5 hours later the water is still at the same height.