5 July 2012

Re-opened Old Blog

In 2008/9 I studied for a photography degree. For financial, and shall we say, creative (see below), reasons I stopped.

While I was a proper student I kept a blog, rather cleverly called ‘Uncalibrated’ (hardcore digital photographers will get the allusion). When I left the course the photographic muse packed her bags and left too, so I shut the blog down, but I'm opening it up again because, although I don't think I'll be contributing to it, I get the feeling it compliments dear old Garden 65.

At first glance photography and gardening may appear different disciplines, in that one takes (a picture) from the world, the other creates, but then again they both involve a close examination of the life around them. A garden is an ever changing environment in which the gardener tries to pin down and take control of some sort of beauty or efficiency, whatever they judge that to be.  Similarly a photographer tries to isolate a distinct image from a world that is in perpetual motion.

So while flicking through Uncalibrated and sighing over lost times it occurred to me the same curiosity was being used that now fuels the creation of Garden 65.

Have a butchers if you want to – no obligation.  Some of the links might not work, but I don’t think that’s of major importance.

Uncalibrated (can also get to it via my Blogger profile)

Here is a bizarre movie made during those arty years (I don't know what I was thinking!):