20 July 2012

Sheila Has An Adventure

Cartoon of a Shield Bug Nymph

Meet Sheila The Shieldbug Nymph.

Sheila lives high up in a tree with her brothers and sisters, and her mum, also called Sheila The ShieldBug. They spend their days eating berries. On this particular day Sheila (the nymph) trundled just too far along a twig. A gust of wind blew her off the tree. Luckily she landed on the soft leaves of a mint plant underneath. She looked so comfortable there that a passing gardener mistook her for a jolly little mint bug. The foolish gardener, who was also in search of a topic to blog about, took her photograph, uploaded it to ISpot, then sat in front of the computer waiting for a proper identification.

Poor Sheila was all by herself far from home, with no one to put her back, because no one knew she was lost.

How will Sheila get back up the tree?

Spoiler Alert: she doesn’t. A bird eats her. And thus the circle of life continues.

Shield Bug Nymph