18 July 2012

Vivienne Westwood And Her Gardener

vivienne westwood by tim walker british vogue

Vivienne Westwood - mad as a hatter, brave individualist ... and gardener.

Or rather she has a gardener, a man who 'looks like a cross between Dave Grohl and Eric Clapton'. In 2009 Vivienne used him as her muse and based a collection of menswear on his personal style.

"Today, Andy is wearing the most extraordinarily composed three-piece suit, topped off by a doubled pair of jaunty hats. In one hand is a roll-up; with the other he's digging out peonies."

What a fantastic reversal of the old idea of the artist's muse being a young soulful woman. Vivienne’s gardener is in his 50s, and it seems as idiosyncratic as she is (who gardens in a three-piece suit?). Not only has she celebrated uniqueness, rather than some out-of-reach ideal, she’s managed to make a lot of money out of it too.

What a heroine!

As requested by Bertram (see Comments below) here are a couple of pictures of Andy Hulme, the man himself.  I didn't include them in the original post because I thought he was best left to your imagination.  What do you think?

Andy Hulme Vivienne Westwoods gardener

Andy Hulme Vivienne Westwoods gardener on catwalk