20 March 2012


At a quarter past 5 this morning Spring sprang, astronomically speaking. 

The slow clock-like movement of the Earth around the Sun has officially begun a new season. But here on the surface of the planet things are a little more complicated.  Birds have already picked their partners, and for days now plants have been struggling out of the ground. And yet they are still in danger of cold weather and frost putting a full stop to their ambitions. 

Life doesn’t travel through time on a clear linear path, or start and stop to a predictable date. It’s more wayward than that.  It likes to keep us guessing.

And so I found myself shivering in the garden despite the sunshine.  Picking up my coffee, journal, and nuts (hazelnuts – a healthier alternative to biscuits!), I shuffled indoors.  This year’s Vernal Equinox was best experienced behind the warmth of double-glazed windows.