19 March 2012

Planned Parenting

It seems the frogs this year have been quite exuberant.  It must have been a great party because they’ve left a huge amount of frogspawn.  

Unfortunately this new generation of frogs are disadvantaged right from conception.  Not only are there goldfish shouldering through the weeds trying to eat them, but this year there is the added menace of a curious cat.  She (or he) is new on the scene; a neighbour’s cat that spends a lot of time in this garden.  Earlier in the year it was the toilet facilities that attracted her, but now she is fascinated by the fish and frogs.  I thought cats hated water, but this one doesn’t mind poking her paw into the water, and I have seen her get her nose wet.  This means she has managed to pull out gobbets of frogspawn onto the side of the pond.  Poor little potential tadpoles.

So today I transferred some frogspawn to the other pond. Although it’s smaller in size there is no overhanging edge that the cat can peer over, and it’s deeper. I don’t know if I’ve done the right thing. I’m mixing spawn from different frog populations and maybe I’ve inadvertently introduced different bacteria or weeds into the small pond.  Time will tell I suppose, but hopefully some lives have been saved.

Just as an aside ... this morning I was in a post-Tesco slump, but as soon as I picked up the camera it disappeared.  Nature – creativity - rescue mission = elevated mood.