24 March 2012

Your Brave Reporter Interviews An Angry Wasp

Negotiating a photo-opportunity with an angry wasp trapped in your bathroom is not the best way to start a Saturday morning. Think Naomi Campbell after a transatlantic flight.

But the needs of my readers come before any fears. Listen to the audio below and you’ll hear the full interview in which we swear at each other as I click the camera, and I reveal our loose floor boards. Stay to the end - it couldn't be scripted better.

In the hope she was an exotic visitor I Googled ‘wasp identification’ and found a fantastic site that I thoroughly recommend if you are interested in Vespidae: Eakringbirds.com, about nature in the Eakring and Sherwood Forests.

Being a bit geekish their tables of different wasps sent me into paroxysms of delight (see my earlier post re: wildflower spreadsheets). How beautiful they look.

I get the impression my queen is a Common Wasp, vespula vulgaris.

Given her language earlier this morning I’m not at all surprised!