4 August 2012

Composting Begins

Kitchen waste ready to be put on compost bin

Let the show commence. 

As Anna imaginatively observed the new and empty compost bin looked like a stage set ready for a magic show to start.

With some first night nerves the players have now begun to assemble. The boards they are treading on are made of black bamboo sticks. This foundation layer is there to allow air to circulate and be open enough to let earthworms come up from the stalls and participate in the whole composting event.

I think we can visualise this first act of the show as of similar epic scope as the beginning of the Olympic opening ceremony. So here we have a general accumulation of earthy peasants pleasantly going about their bucolic lives. First a layer of old weeds appears accompanied by a sobering mix of torn newspaper. Then the excitement increases when the first mound of kitchen waste enters stage right. This adds a colourful, fruity tone to the show that the fruit flies (who have been queuing round the corner all night to be sure of the cheap seats) particularly appreciate. Lastly a generous mound of jasmine clippings swarms onto the set. Although their sweet nitrogenous nature is tempered with cardboard from pizza boxes the stage manager worries the jasmine will start saying their lines too quickly and will end up in a mushy mess of incoherence.

first layers in compost bin

 So we haven’t yet got to the part of the show where Kenneth Branagh turns up in a top hat - the assembling of green peasants will run for a few more weeks - but all in all it looks a good beginning.

And the critics seem to be favourable

stroking cat's nose