6 August 2012

Lots Of Compost Bins

I got a text from Sally this morning. She had been given the key to the magic kingdom and would I like to join her? Of course! So abandoning all domestic duties we snuck in - and what a wonderful place it was full of ruby red raspberries, crispy skinned onions, giant cardoons, sunny nasturtiums, and most excitingly of all: - compost bins!

In reality Sally had the key to our local allotments in Didsbury because friends of hers, who have a plot there, are away on holiday and have asked her to pick their raspberries. These allotments are behind a thick hedge and a padlocked gate, so I’ve never seen them. It’s like a whole new world in there where people committed to vegetables have created an ordered and beautiful space. The purpose of my visit was to see how proper gardeners create compost bins, but I have come away inspired to spend more time on the garden as a whole. I have to say that having been to open gardens and an RHS flower show this summer it is these allotments that have impressed me the most. Now there is a little voice in my head saying, ‘You want this too, don’t you? Admit it, go on’.

Worryingly not one of these piles has newspaper and cardboard in it.

But I'm glad to see pallets being used to construct the bins.

Some looked like World War 1 rampart walls.

Plastic darlek-like bins were also being used.

And some people had professional two bin systems.

With roofs.

Nearly all were covered. I'll have to find a bit of old carpet.