12 August 2012

Unidentified Tree That Won't Die

possible ash tree
Can you spot That Cat?
This is the plant that lives at the back of the garden that just won't die. As long as I've lived here, about 12 years, I've cut it back to ground level, but it just keeps coming back. This is this year's growth. It is certainly very determined to live. I don't like it because it isn't useful or pretty. It's not a shrub so it doesn't fill any gaps, and the leaves are simply leaves, there is nothing interesting about them at all.

Mystery Tree

Sally has suggested it may be a Sumac or Rowan tree.



I've never let it live long enough to see if the leaves turn red in the autumn or if it produces berries, so I couldn't say for certain if it is one of these.

What about an Ash?

Common Ash

I posted it on I Spot and 'Lavateraguy' from Cheshire has identified it as an Ash (Fraxinus excelsior)

According to the Forestry Commission Ash can grow to 40m tall - hmmm. But then again in Norse myth it is associated with rebirth and healing and all sorts of good things.

Googling, I found this description which seems to solve the riddle:

"There can be anything from four to eleven pairs of leaflets with a single leaf at the end (odd pinnate). These leaves are very like those of the rowan at first glance (rowan is sometimes known as ‘mountain ash’)"

Perhaps I should let it live.

Source of quote