16 April 2012

Grubs Exposed

vine weevil

I was going to title this post 'What is this?!', but now I know ... a vine weevil grub.

Previously the question, ‘what the hell is that?!’ would have floated in and out of my brain without any definitive answer apart from ‘dunno, but it’s really ugly’. But now the blogging imperative urges scientific and hopefully interesting labelling of even the smallest creature. I yelled at my husband the other day not to let that annoying bee out the window before I got the chance to photograph it for recording purposes. This blog is creating unnatural behaviour.

vine weevilI like vine weevils. Who would not want an extra pair of arms on their nose? Not so keen on their grubs. They are the suspects in the death of a prized Heuchera. So when I found this chap and his siblings I put him out to sacrifice to the birds, like a Roman baby exposed on the hillside. It’s up to the whim of the gods if he survives or not.

Image from 'The Natural Gardener'