1 April 2012

White Light

Bathroom Grey

The two blossom trees (Amelanchier lamarckii) are very near the house, so that at this time of year the white flowers cast an eerie light into the bathroom. Their more common name is 'Snowy Mespilus', which is apt since the light through the window is just as if the ground was covered in snow.

Obviously you haven't been in my bathroom before so you can't judge how strange it is, so here is a picture of the window taken on 2nd January 2011.  Dark eh?

Here it is on 17th April last year.  Nice and green.  Something to look forward to.


Now I know you ladies are taking a sneaky peak and trying to work out what products I use.  Let me tell you.  Liz Earle (goddess), Boots No.7 (convenient), and Bobbi Brown (Christmas presents).

window grey