2 April 2012

Zebra Spider In A Dusty Corner

zebra spider

Oh please excuse the dust! It’s in a very unused corner. No one will know if you don’t tell them (or blog it).

So here is another adventure in insect identification. This little guy was hopping about while I was taking atmospheric photos of the bathroom window (see here).  

 At this point I’m concerned that I’m giving the impression that I spend a lot of time in the bathroom with Liz and Bobbi, but it’s mere coincidence I assure you.

If you’re not afraid of spiders this site ‘Spiders of NorthWest Europe’ will help you identify any spiders you may find in dusty corners of your bathroom. Keep a note of it; you may need to quickly name a spider when on your continental holiday. 

My little chap is a jumping spider, in particular a zebra spider. The Latin name for the family of jumping spiders is Salticidae, a fantastically characterful name (as is this one).  Apparently this type of spider hunts like a cat, in that it quietly stalks its prey then pounces.

 “Salticids are the tigers among spiders.”

 If I ever get a cat I’m going to call it Salticid. Do you think it is pronounced 'Salty Kid' or 'Salty Sid'? Oh dear, I've made myself laugh.

zebra spider