5 April 2012

Image Processing, Cameras, and Rain

rain drop

We didn't have snow here in Manchester.  I imagine it was because the weather front was coming in from the North East and the Pennines saved us from the worst.  It's one of those rare times when they had a beneficial effect.

True, it is colder than normal, and the strong winds are chilly, but nothing dramatic has happened so far.  The rain was needed, to be honest.  I boast of the sponge-like quality of life in Manchester but I was beginning to look speculatively at the hose.

Spring rain has a beautiful softness to it. It brings out the colours of the plants as if the Saturation level on Photoshop has been cranked up.

On the advice of my son I’ve edited these photos in Lightroom, instead of Bridge.  The sharpening and noise reduction facilities are certainly much better.  These are two processes I need because my camera is a lady-like Olympus with the lens it came with.  It is a handy size to use when dashing out into the garden when a new blogging idea strikes, but the quality of picture isn’t too clear.  I haven’t been blogging for long but already I’m itching to upgrade my equipment.  And oh, for a proper video camera .... and grown up sound recorder.

Let me know what equipment you use – are there any cheap options?